How to Treat that Post-Holiday (Mental Health) Hangover


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Originally published for theCityMoms on 12/26/22.

Whether you are surviving, thriving, or a combination of the two, the holiday season throws us all off our day-to-day routine, amiright? Endless festivities, socializing, and darker days may have you feeling hungover, mentally and emotionally. We’ve come up with a few ways to start recovering from the holidays in all their exhausting, yet glittery, glory!

Drained from bottling up your feelings? Take the pressure off of being perfect.

You may have had to push aside some challenging feelings to create holiday magic - and while we wish that same magic could take away those feelings forever, you might need to make space for them now.

We recommend: Spending five minutes writing about what you experienced this season with some simple prompts…

  • What was I going through before the holiday?
  • How can I honor those feelings and focus on how I want to feel now that life is a little more normal?

This exercise encourages you to be curious about yourself and focus on where you are.


Get caught up in family drama? Take a big-picture view of family time.

Big or small, there was probably some family drama this holiday. We can both love our families and not like them because of how they interact with us. Widen the lens and notice the dynamics happening.

We recommend: Instead of replaying the hurt, be a gentle observer by asking…

  • What patterns do you see year after year?
  • What role do you play in your family?

You’ve worked hard to break cycles that don’t work for your own family. Celebrate that hard work, including the good things you’ve carried into the next generation and hurtful things you’ve left behind!


Celebrate with holiday cocktails? Let’s check in on where you’re at!

Maybe, it’s been a minute since you’ve been in rhythm with what your body needs. It happens to us all - you go on autopilot at all the festivities, and before you know it, you are drinking more than what is good for your body.

We recommend: Knowing your limit and sticking to it…

  • If you are consistently going over, ask for help and set boundaries with others.
  • Request a movie night instead of a wine night with friends.
  • Or if wine night still happens, text friends ahead of time to please not offer wine.

With a little clarity, you may find ways to focus on your body that feel more deeply nourishing to your physical and mental well-being.


As the season of holiday magic comes to a close, a new season of recovery, self-compassion, and reflection can begin. Embrace the slowness of winter, and know you are so worthy of this time of reflection. What do you hope to notice in these quiet months of winter?