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    We are Mike and Kim O'Connell! We are both marriage and family therapists in the Indianapolis area and we would love to have the opportunity to journey with you as you encounter important moments in your life.

    Our mission is striving to help people heal their wounds, learn about themselves, build confidence, and apply what they learn from therapy to their life.

  • Our Services!

  • Individual Counseling


    Feeling stressed, alone, anxious, maybe even depressed? Going through a transition in life? It’s important to have someone you can trust in the ups and downs of life.

    Individual sessions are typically 45-60 min weekly and offer an opportunity to explore your story and how you cope with life’s challenges.

    We are happy to coordinate with your doctor’s office to help manage medication.

    Couples Counseling


    As Marriage and Family Therapists, we have extensive training and experience working with couples. In all relationships, there is a natural give and take. At times, our sense of love or trust may be challenged and it becomes difficult to communicate, be intimate or forgive. Couples may find themselves at a standstill or unable to reconnect.

    Whether you have been together for 50 years or 50 minutes, couples counseling is a great way to restore balance in your relationship and work together to vision your future.

    Couple’s sessions are 75 min.

    We also offer pre-marital counseling to help prepare engaged couples.

    Family Counseling


    Family is important. Normal challenges cause families to have to adapt. Life transitions, divorce, school challenges, sickness, and death, are just a few examples of some of the challenges families may face. Family therapy helps families to adjust and maintain relationships even through great challenges.

    Family sessions are 75 min.



    Prepare-Enrich is the gold standard of couple's assessments with over 45 years of development. Prepare-Enrich uses evidence-based research to help couples gain a better understanding of their relationship, grow in relationship satisfaction, and learn new skills surrounding communication, conflict resolution, stress management, and more. It is an excellent tool to help couples who are preparing for marriage, or for seasoned couples seeking some enrichment surrounding their relationship.


  • Meet the Team

  • Kim O'Connell, LMFTA, MT-BC

    Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

    Music Therapist - Board Certified


    I want to walk alongside you, your partner, or family as you experience and adjust to transitions in your life. I hope to help you feel more balanced in your identity as together we build a solid foundation of love, care, and kindness for yourself that can help positively impact the relationships that are most important to you.


    I use a systemic experiential model to help you recognize family patterns in order to connect with yourself or your partner, to help you feel grounded when anxious, and to create trustworthiness with yourself and others. This creates an important foundation to engage in the work of relational wellness through better communication, increased intimacy, and connectivity with the people who are most important to you.

    Kim's Education and Certification:


    B.S. Music Therapy, Saint Mary of-the-Woods College, December 2006

    M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, Christian Theological Seminary, December 2018

    PREPARE-ENRICH certification - 2021

    Gottman Family Systems Certification- Level 1, 2017

    Restoration Therapy - Level 1, 2017

    Neurologic Music Therapy Level 1, 2008



    Kim's Therapy Fees:

    $185 for 75 minute session

    $140 for 45 minute session


    75 minute sessions recommended for couples, families, and individual intake sessions.


    Kimberly O'Connell receives direct supervision under Jacqueline Braeger, Ph.D. (License #: 35001317A), and site supervision with Laurie Budlong-Morse, LMFT (License #: 35001974A).

  • Mike O'Connell, LMFT

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Mike has been featured on MTV's Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant!

    I have a passion to journey with individuals and couples as they seek to restore love and trust in their life and relationships.

    I specialize in working with couples struggling with communication, intimacy (including sex), life transitions, and conflict (including infidelity, addiction, abuse, and trauma).

    I also work with men who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, life transitions, paternity, and relationship struggles.


    All clients (individual and couple) will come to understand their behavioral responses caused by our internal experiences of pain, what we refer to as our pain cycle. We will then map out new opportunities for personal responsibility and predictability, referred to as our peace cycle, and seek together how to practice and strengthen making decisions within our peace cycle instead of making decisions while coping with our pain cycle.


    Mike's Education and Certification:


    B.A. Theology & History - Marian University

    M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy - Christian Theological Seminary


    PREPARE-ENRICH certification - 2021

    Restoration Family Therapy certification II - 2020

    Restoration Family Therapy certification I - 2017

    FOCCUS Facilitator - 2017

    Gottman Family Systems certification I - 2015


    Mike's Therapy Fees:

    $185 for 75 minute session

    $140 for 45 minute session


    75 minute sessions recommended for couples, families, and individual intake sessions.


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    Mike O'Connell's Office Hours



    In-person and virtual options



    Wednesday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

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    Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm




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